Xtalnia Heroes INO

4 min readApr 27, 2023

About Xtalnia:

Xtalnia is a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game that has the perfect combination of RPG and card games with a 90s vibe where players need to match the best card for each situation to win the game and earn tokens.

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This game organizes the tournament every month. Of course! It’s free-to-play! But would it be better if you have a better chance of winning and receiving the bigger rewards? Come and get one now!

Previous tournament:


Xtalnia is going to do INO/launchpad on BOXTradEx platform. Previously, NFTs of Xtalnia were weapons, but this is the first time that Xtalnia will mint the first edition of NFT characters. You will enjoy the skills and graphics of these new characters.

Type of NFT: NFT characters

Total supply: 10,000

Supply on BOXTradEx: 1,000

Schedule for INO phases:

Pre-sale 1

Date: 29 April ~ 4 May 2023

Price: 20 BUSD

Pre-sale 2

Date: 5 May ~ 14 May 2023

Price: 25 BUSD

Public sale

Date: 15 May ~ 30 May 2023 or until sold out

Price: 30 BUSD

When you purchase Xtalnia Heroes NFT, you will receive the ticket. After the INO in each phase ends, Xtalnia will transfer Xtalnia Heros NFT to your BOXTradEx wallet.

About NFTs:

New characters

Existing characters

Why are Xtalnia heroes worth purchasing?

- They’re limited! Only 1,000 units will be available on BOXTradEx.

- In one NFT will contain 4 main attributes consisting of aura, skin color, hair color, and eye color.

- Each NFT provides random different attributes which make them unique.

- Each color of attribute will have its own ability that provides the Meta in the game. Players can collect the NFT and use them in real combat.

- The Xtalnia Heroes contain the characters’ status that will be stronger than the free characters.

- Xtlania often organizes the tournaments that help increase the chances of winning and get the better prizes from the tournaments and earn more tokens from the battles.

- Players can enjoy playing favorite characters in the game and match the best team to battle with other players.

- They are collectibles and able to gain profit from selling.

10 aura styles:

3 skin colors:

3 hair colors:

4 eye colors:

Note: The NFTs will randomize the characters and the attributes.


BOXTradEx Payment Method:

  1. Cryptocurrency

Xtalnia Heroes NFT will be sold in BUSD.

  1. Credit Card

BOXTradEx supports purchasing NFT with a credit card.

Watch how to buy NDT with a credit card

  1. Razer Gold

Razer Gold is an e-wallet for online payment that provides an extensive payment network for global businesses to set footprints in Southeast Asia by enabling businesses to accept complete methods of payment online banking, debit/credit cards, e-wallet, etc.

Watch how to buy NFT with Razer Pay

Each country will support different methods based on the providers. Please check the service providers in your country on website: https://merchant.razer.com/v3/channels/

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Benefit only for BOXTradEx’s users who refer friends to purchase Xtalnia NFT characters during INO, you will receive 4 BUSD/unit through the referral link.

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