Web3 Game Partnership: Matr1x Fire

4 min readJun 9, 2023


BOXTradEx, a one-stop web3 gaming tournament, NFT marketplace, and NFT rental platform is thrilled to announce its partnership with Matr1x Fire, the first mobile shooting game in Metaverse.

The partnership between BOXTradEx and Matr1x Fire aims to drive mutual growth by combining their strengths, expertise, and resources. This partnership opens huge opportunities for both parties to grow together for our respective communities and establish ourselves as leaders in the Web3 game mass adoption.

BOXTradEx and Matr1x Fire are committed to building a strong and engaged community by hosting various activities, whitelist, Discord and Facebook community engagement focused in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, and last but not least tournament esports! Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

Excitement to the Web3 gaming scene is coming 🚀

About Matr1x Fire

MATR1X FIRE is a trailblazer in the Metaverse, offering players an unprecedented mobile shooting experience. Dive into the Cyberpunk world and engage in classic yet innovative 5v5 shooting battles, where you can challenge enemies alongside your teammates and showcase your tactics and skills.

Unique NFT Assets

MATR1X FIRE isn’t just a captivating shooting game — it also presents an astonishing NFT asset system. By winning battles, you can acquire exclusive NFTs, including avatars, weapons, personalized profile pictures (PFPs), gloves, and other items. These NFT assets hold immense appreciation potential, enabling you to freely trade and showcase them, gaining respect and admiration within the gaming community.

Join the Matr1x Alliance and Create Your NFTs!

As a player of MATR1X FIRE, you have the opportunity to join the Matr1x Alliance, a unique community that allows you to create your own NFTs. In this creatively inspiring environment, you can showcase your artistic talents by designing unique game props, maps, and more, and share and collaborate with other players. Within the Matr1x Alliance, you become both a creator and a collector, shaping the future of the game world.

Diverse Game Modes

MATR1X FIRE offers a wide range of game modes catering to different preferences. Whether you enjoy competitive battles, casual gameplay, or exhilarating battle royale experiences, we have options that suit your style. Additionally, we regularly host tournaments where skilled players can showcase their abilities and compete for rewards.

Fair Play Principles

We are dedicated to fostering a fair and competitive gaming environment. That’s why we have implemented a proprietary anti-cheat solution, demonstrating our zero-tolerance policy towards cheating. We strive to ensure that every player can enjoy a fair and authentic gaming experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

The MATR1X FIRE community is brimming with creative talent, and they contribute a wealth of user-generated content, including skins, maps, dungeons, and gameplay elements. This creator economy encourages players to unleash their creativity and collaboratively build a diverse and enchanting game world.

Extensive Skin Collection

Within MATR1X FIRE, you’ll find a vast array of unique game prop skins, ranging from different weapons to avatar designs. These exquisite skins allow your in-game character to stand out, adding a touch of personal flair to your combat style.

In conclusion, MATR1X FIRE is an immersive shooting game that immerses you in the Metaverse, offering unlimited fun and potential through its unique NFT assets and creator economy. We invite you to join our gaming community and explore this innovative and adventurous digital realm together!

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About BOXTradEx

a one-stop web3 gaming tournament, NFT marketplace, and NFT rental platform. Our community focuses on the South East Asia market, working with game guilds and web2 tournament platforms to help grow your user base with us.

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