WEB3.0 game Partnership: Chess of stars

2 min readMay 17, 2023


BOXTradEx, a one-stop web3 gaming tournament, NFT marketplace, and NFT rental platform is happy to announce its partnership with Chess of stars, is a multiple-chains reinvented automated chess WEB3.0 game designed for mobile phones and windows.

The partnership between BOXTradEx and Chessof Stars is focused on fostering mutual growth through the synergistic combination of their strengths, expertise, and resources. This collaboration presents significant prospects for both entities to collectively flourish, benefiting their respective communities, and positioning themselves as pioneers in the widespread adoption of the WEB3.0 game.

Now, we are collaborating with Chess of Stars Game Beta Test and Bug Hunting event, offering significant rewards to our testing partners.

🎉 Join Herehttps://boxtradex.io/taskEvents/28

Date and Time: 2023/5/25~6/1,8:00 PM~12:00 AM (UTC+8) during the period
🔥 Game Beta Test Total Rewards: 100 COSD per person
🔥 Find Bugs Event Total Rewards:
10 Blind Box NFTs (for 10 users) + 400 COSD per person

💰Event rewards worth over 1000 USDT💰

About Chess of stars
Chess of Stars, we are a multiple-chains auto chess WEB3.0 app designed for mobile phones and PC. Using blockchain technology, we have implanted NFT elements into the traditional automated chess mode and the prize pool mode of real-time E-sports competition. Through the competition prize pool, players have the opportunity to win rich loan token rewards through game competition and change from the traditional krypton gold game to a game that can earn high profits.

Chess of Stars Is On Fire!!!🔥

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About BOXTradEx
A one-stop web3 gaming tournament, NFT marketplace, and NFT rental platform. Our community focuses on the South East Asia market, working with game guilds and web2 tournament platforms to help grow your user base with us.

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