PFP-DAO: New Type of NFTs for Fun and Rewards

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PFP-DAO is a really cool brand that’s going to be super popular in the metaverse. They create gaming NFTs that you can collect and trade, and they have a special way of doing it called “card looting.” It’s a fun and exciting way to get unique and valuable items.

Card Looting

In PFP-DAO, players use card-looting gameplay to get characters and equipment. Through this system, characters become NFTs, allowing fans to own digital collections of their favorites and earn IP dividends. It’s a fun way to collect and be rewarded for your passion

  • Whitelist card looting is absolutely free, with no gas fees required! (available soon, please follow PFP-DAO communities for the update)
  • If you win a card, you can participate in the daily dividend of the funding pool
  • Even if you don’t win a card, you can still obtain ordinary equipment for upgrading
  • In case you often don’t win, they guarantee that you will get a legendary card within 90 draws

Join the Bullet Screen activity on PFP-DAO website for a chance to receive rare character NFTs for free!

Loot2n Rewards (Available in July)

PFP-DAO is not just a fun game, it also offers economic rewards. 50% of card looting fees go to the Loot2n prize pool for your selected Captain NFT.

By selecting a character NFT as Captain and looting, you can earn a share of 2% from the daily Loot2n pool, divided equally based on weight. Hold character NFTs, loot cards daily, and effortlessly earn Loot2n rewards.

  • Day 1: Select a Captain, participate in card looting, obtain Loot2n eligibility of that character for the day.
  • Day2: At UTC 0, the settlement for “Day 1” is conducted.

Players perform loot again, triggering the settled Loot2n rewards to be withdrawn into their wallets.

* You may change the Captain and loot multiple times to obtain Loot2n eligibility for multiple pools.
* Loot2n rewards balance has a validity period of 30 days. If not withdrawn within this period, they will be donated to the corresponding character’s operation pool to support IP incubation.

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