Partnership: Geekzwolf Guild

Crypto gaming guilds began as a solution to solving the entry barrier issue with the play-to-earn game. Guilds play a main role to reduce the barrier to entry for a large number of new entrants in to the web3 gaming ecosystem by making it possible to game without owning the NFTs or tokens by applying lending and borrowing system.

BOXTradEx understands that guilds will evolve into something much bigger and that will have lasting impacts on the future of gaming, work and culture. We are pleased to welcome Geekzwolf as our official guild partner! ⚔️

About Geekzwolf

Geekzwolf is a next-gen gaming hub combining the best of web2 & web3 gaming, creating a gamified tournament platform to unlock endless earning opportunities for gamers

Stay tune for more good news tournament and scholars from Geekzwolf! 💡

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About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform for GameFi, game players, and guilds, providing the Gamefi portal for web3. We support NFT API service, crypto exchange, NFT marketplace, wallet, and Guild DAO tool.

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