Grid Trading Together!! Earn, Share & Build to Win 5,000+ USDT Trading Bonus Giveaway!

Grid Enthusiast, Now is the Time to Get Your USDT Reward!

To give more trading benefits to users, BOXTradEx decided to launch Grid Trading Competition to Grid Traders and the users who contribute their knowhow and experiences of Grid Trading. Maximum 5,000+ USDT Trading Bonus Giveaway to all the participants.

Grid Trading competition includes two race tracks to grid users, first is the performance competition which is root of Grid Trading performance during the time, the another, the creation competition which is base on grid content creation and sharing.

Performance Competition : 05:00 27 Sep ~ 05:00 16 Nov 2021 (UTC)

Creation Competition : 05:00 27 Sep ~ 05:00 27 Oct 2021 (UTC)

Earn Together to Win More, 5,000 USDT Giveaway!

Performance Competition

  • Who can participate:
    Users who have balance in Trial Fund Account and sign up the campaign. *User can pass KYC to get 20 USDT and participate BOXTradEx’s event to get more.

4 Steps to Win 5,000 USDT Prize:

  1. Sign up the form of competition 👉
  2. Use Grid Trading bot to make profit as much as you can
  3. Share the event to win more USDT, and trade with your friends
  4. Withdraw profits from Trial Fund Account to Asset Account

More Traders, More USDT Giveaway!

*Dynamic Prize Pool Mechanism:

5,000 USDT to Win

500 to 5,000 USDT prize to win if participants exceed particular hurdle, check prize distribution chart below 👇

-50% of USDT Prize to Top 3 Winners:Grid champions with highest ROI % to be awarded (Prize determined by ROI%).

-50% of USDT Prize Sharing Pool:Grid participants who fulfill the tasks of competition.

  • 1st Prize:Share 25% of USDT Trading Bonus Pool
  • 2nd Prize : Share 15% of USDT Trading Bonus Pool
  • 3rd Prize : Share 10% of USDT Trading Bonus Pool
  • 50% of USDT Trading Bonus Pool share to qualify participants (Not include 3 winners above)

*50% of USDT Sharing Pool to the rest traders: (Complete tasks below to be qualify)

  1. Sign up the form of competition 👉
  2. Use Grid Trading bot
  3. Join Youtube live streaming at 12:00 28 Oct 2021 (UTC) 👉


  1. User who want to participate the competition should sign up the form and provide UID to be eligible of this campaign.
  2. During competition period, any user should use trading bonus in Trial Fund Account to earn profits and try to make outstanding performance by Grid Trading bot.
  3. Top 3 winners with highest trading performance in Trial Fund Account, which calculate by the return rate of the competition period, will be shared 25%, 15% and 10% USDT Trading Bonus prize pool. Another 50% allocation will be equally distributed to the rest participants.
  4. Total amount of prize pool is determined by the numbers of participants, which means the more participants, the more prize pool may share to all Grid traders. Maximum up to 5,000 USDT Trading Bonus.
  5. Participants need to transfer earned profits from Trial Fund Account to Asset Account for overall performance calculation by BOXTradEx Official. The profits earned and withdraw to Asset Account during the period will be deemed effective.
  6. The competition period will end by UTC TIME 04:59:59 on the date of 16 November 2021, participants are entitled to close their position (Grid Trading Bot) anytime before stipulated time.

Build Contents, Exert Your Talent to Get 100+ USDT Trading Bonus.

Creation Competition

  • Who can participate:
    Users who registered BOXTradEx and experienced Grid Trading bot.

3 Steps to Win USDT Prize:

  1. Build, create and made the contents related to BOXTradEx or Grid Trading
  2. Share, acquire more awareness and support of the contents on any social media
  3. Upload the contents to the Creation competition form 👉

*USDT Prize Pyramid:

  • 1st Prize to 1 winners: 100 USDT Trading Bonus
  • 2nd Prize to 2 winners:50 USDT Trading Bonus
  • 3rd Prize to 3 winners:25 USDT Trading Bonus


  1. The qualify content is correlated to BOXTradEx and Grid Trading, participants can create any format/type of content, not limit to article, video or sticker. Plagiarize and Infringement is not allow.
  2. There is no limit to the number of contents, the more you made the more possibility to win. Make sure upload and share your works on social media, tag BOXTradEx will be the best.
  3. 6 winners will be selected by the community and BOXTradEx, and the prize will distribute follow by the rank of outcome.
  4. The metrics of rank are the community poll, which will organize on Youtube live streaming, and the assessment of BOXTradEx, also, the awareness and support of the contents are the one of consideration to win the prize.
  5. Please follow the rules of Creation competition and upload the contents to specified place.


  1. Grid trading performance competition is limited to Trial Fund Account due to the equality and simple to manage reasons, therefore, the profits generate by Asset Account will not be counted.
  2. Participants of Performance competition need to make sure you have balance in Trial Fund Account, users can get FREE USDT Trading Bonus by join events and campaigns, also pass KYC process to get 20 USDT basically.
  3. Users participate the Creation competition is deemed to allow BOXTradex to have right to use and present the contents users provided in official channel for education and promotion purposes.
  4. Winner announcement will be published before 7th December 2021, on that date the USDT Prize will be also delivered to the winners, in addition to USDT Trading Bonus, the limited NFT will be unlocked by the defined date.
  5. All the USDT Trading Bonus is mainly served as additional investment capital to users, and can be only used to open Grid Trading bot in BOXTradEx. The profits earned by trading bonus are withdrawable and the loss is shoulder by BOXTradEx.
  6. Participant will be disqualified, i.e. losing all the benefits and privileges, if Participant violates the official policy and rules, detriment users benefits and experiences, or any behavior and speech that may damage image, reputation, interest of BOXTradEx.
  7. BOXTradEx officially reserves the rights to change policy and rules of the competition, or even terminate the competition, the final interpretation also contains.

Share Event and Invite Your Friends to Grid Trading and Earn FREE USDT!

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