GameFi partnership : Sky Bandit Hero Crystal

Introduce Sky Bandit : Hero Crystal

Sky Thieves is a popular adventure RPG game. This year is even more unique, developing it into a chain game and stepping into the Metaverse world. In addition to the original players’ favorite sense of attack, the game has added many different chapters and demons, allowing players to challenge and satisfy all players’ ambitions for treasure!

Research : An In-depth overview of Sky Bandit


Game Token SBC


We are committed to building games, communities, and ecosystems in a sustainable way. So all the token metrics such as the total number, the allocation ratio, the lock rate are carefully considered.

The Utility of $SBC TOKEN:

  1. Purchase several golden items in-game.
  2. Staking for rewards.
  3. Trading with other players to buy character or weapon.
  4. Participate in Senior and Expert Tournaments.
  5. Restore gem durability.
  6. Reforged gem attributes and abilities (will be available in the future)
  7. Improve hero abilities (will be available in the future)
  8. Unlock Heroic Ultimate (will be available in the future)
  9. Minting NFTs Other chain related functions.
  10. Other on-chain related functions.

The early stage of the supply of SBC TOKEN

• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SBC TOKEN


Stats (Attributes)

Roadmap and milestones






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