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8 min readAug 3, 2022


We are excited to announce our partnership with Sky Bandit.
Even we are going through a bear market, good projects are still being developed as planned,and Sky Bandit is one of them.
Sky Bandit is about to list game tokens on BOXTradEx, we will jointly launch a series of rewards and gifts, please pay close attention to our follow-up events so as not to miss any benefits.

Introduce Sky Bandit : Hero Crystal

Sky Thieves is a popular adventure RPG game. This year is even more unique, developing it into a chain game and stepping into the Metaverse world. In addition to the original players’ favorite sense of attack, the game has added many different chapters and demons, allowing players to challenge and satisfy all players’ ambitions for treasure!

By strengthening the character’s abilities, matching the strongest equipment gems, challenging endless magical monsters, and collecting legendary treasures scattered everywhere. Players can receive offline placement rewards, walk through the main chapters, challenge event levels, open various treasure chests, collect gem fragments, upgrade and strengthen talent skills, and develop their own sky thief!

● One-finger control Casual fantasy Hyper RPG is easy to get started and proficient in difficult and smooth operations, with diverse and interesting character development elements!

● Fight in the air, challenge ancient monsters, defeat evil magic monsters, and welcome the beautiful fantasy world!

● Loot the treasure chest, combine the strongest combat power, strengthen gem talents, upgrade character values, and develop the strongest hero!

Research : An In-depth overview of Sky Bandit


The game is mainly based on the multiplayer tournament mode: players from all over the world compete for the ranking of the leaderboard at the same time, and they will be rewarded according to their performance. Players will compete with global players in the tournament. Tournaments will have different game rules and sizes, entry conditions and rewards. The first wave of game tournaments will have 2 to 3 rules of play, the details will be announced in the future. General Tournament: Pay $SBF to enter, no NFTs to play, less rewards. Senior Tournament: $SBC entry, NFT required, general reward pool size. Expert Tournament: $SBC entry, NFT required, huge reward pool size.

Tickets are required for each championship purchase, and the ticket fee will become the reward pool bonus.

The distribution method of the tournament reward pool will be as follows: *As long as there is a player who participates in the competition and the score reaches a certain threshold, there is a chance to get the participation prize airdrop. According to the number of participations, a player can participate in the same tournament multiple times and obtain the participation prize probability. will also increase.

Game Token SBC


We are committed to building games, communities, and ecosystems in a sustainable way. So all the token metrics such as the total number, the allocation ratio, the lock rate are carefully considered.

All “Coin” collected by players in Sky Bandit (Blockchain Version) could be changed to $SBC TOKEN. (The official exchange approaches and rate will be announced in our official channel: Whitepaper, please stay tuned.)

The Utility of $SBC TOKEN:

  1. Purchase several golden items in-game.
  2. Staking for rewards.
  3. Trading with other players to buy character or weapon.
  4. Participate in Senior and Expert Tournaments.
  5. Restore gem durability.
  6. Reforged gem attributes and abilities (will be available in the future)
  7. Improve hero abilities (will be available in the future)
  8. Unlock Heroic Ultimate (will be available in the future)
  9. Minting NFTs Other chain related functions.
  10. Other on-chain related functions.

In addition to the functions mentioned in the above game, you can also participate in Staking DAO to obtain participation governance and revenue rights: (This function will announce in 2022 please stay tuned)

6-month plan: governance rights + a certain percentage of monthly interest (the NFT level of the pledge will affect the interest %)

12-month plan: governance rights + a certain percentage of monthly (the NFT level of pledge will affect the interest %)

The early stage of the supply of SBC TOKEN

• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SBC TOKEN

Private Sale(4%) : 40,000,000 SBC TOKEN

• 1 SBC TOKEN = 0.0000156 ETH

• The least purchase amount = 0.78 ETH

• Hard Cap = 400 ETH

  • Public Sale(1%) : 10,000,000 SBC TOKEN


The first wave of games will be based on gem NFTs. Equipping gems can improve player attributes, and combining different types of gems will trigger powerful skills!

Each gem will have a variety of characteristics and affiliations, which can be roughly divided into the following components:

● Pedestal material: The key feature that determines the number of gemstone attributes, there are mainly 5 kinds of materials: diamond, gold, silver, copper, and iron, giving gemstones 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 attributes respectively.

● Pedestal style: rarity feature.

● Gem Shape: Combine special skills.

● Gem Color: Combine special skills.

● Gem Emotes: rarity feature.

Stats (Attributes)

There are 6 types of gem attributes:

● ATK — Attack Power: Affects the character’s attack power.

● CRIT — Crit: Affects the character’s crit rate and crit damage.

● HP -Health: Affects the character’s maximum health.

● REC — Recovery:Affects character resilience.

● DUR — Durability: Affects gemstone durability. Players will consume gemstone durability when competing. When the durability drops to a certain percentage, it will affect the attribute strength given by gemstones. Durability can be replenished with $SBC.

● SPEC — Special Ability: Provides additional special abilities for characters.

The character will affect the skills that can be triggered according to the characteristics of the equipped gems, for example: Equipping 1 red gem and 1 round gem has a chance to touch the skill — fire attack.

Roadmap and milestones

Q4, 2020:

● The initial version is launched on the release platform.

Apple App Store

Google Play

● The number of downloads and accumulated players is also about 200,000. The highest number of monthly active players reaches 5 to 6000 people all over Japan, Taiwan, and North America.

Q1, 2022:

● Verify ideals, start designing and restructuring the SKY BANDIT in the GameFi version

● Connect with advisors and prepare for official plans

Q2, 2022:

● Marketing activities

● Game development

Q3, 2022:

● Complete the game redesign (Blockchain Version)

● NFT marketplace for players to buy/sell

● Listing $SBC TOKEN on crypto exchange

● Apply blockchain technologies into the game

- Buy game items, upgrade levels by SBC tokens

- Mint general NFT tokens (by game creator)

- Reward $SBC TOKEN for players who stake $SBC TOKEN, win the game, or they are referential

● Officially launching the game and starting the staking pool

Q4 2022:

● Improve the game

- New hero, new weapon ,and new collection item

- Allow players to breed new one from theirs parents and mint NFT tokens, evolve and trade on the marketplace

From 2023:

● Improve the game

Time-based event and activity

● Developing the second part of the game will take place in a future where humans cross space and time building their own virtual Metaverse empires

● Metaverse element the island and LBS AR, put your NFT item in the real world

● Community development

● Business expansion

● Operating and exploiting

Starting from 2022 Q3 after the redesigned game launched, within a year will be at least 3 new heroes, 20 new equipment(a.k.a the stone) and 50 new collections in the game, and one or more new event.




Co-founder / Engineer

2015–2017 1758 Play (金斗雲遊戲) Tech Lead

2018-now Macaca Games (玩猴遊戲) Co-founder / Engineer


Co-founder / Artist 2015–2017

Winking Entertainment (唯晶科技)

XAOC Online:Cutscenes Director / 3D Scene Artist

Heroine Anthem Zero:2D Scene Artist / VFX

2018-now Macaca Games (玩猴遊戲) Co-founder / Artist

劉庭瑋 Enzo Liu

Co-founder / Blockchain
Founder of College of Blockchain Asia (BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION)
Chairman of Taiwan Blockchain Association
Chairman of ENZOGROUP (VENTURE CAPITAL/Metaverse and Web3.0 Eco-System)

Fantasy sky battle casual Hyper RPG! One-finger control, easy to use. Are you ready for the challenge?

Ranked mode, that lets you compete with players from all over the world! The game will also be on the shelves between September and October this year~ Bring your favorite characters and let us become treasure hunters together! Ready Go!

Competitive mode, you need to pay the entry fee, and the entry fee will be turned into a prize pool, allowing everyone to compete for the top prize! Every player with entry can compete with others on the leaderboards! The higher the ranking, the more rewarding the player can get.

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