GameFi Partnership: Mirror Planet

7 min readMay 12, 2023


Hello everyone! I am thrilled to announce that BOXTradEx is partnering with Mirror Planet.This project is very interesting! It’s a SocialFi metaverse where you can enjoy several games and earn tokens. The concept of the game is the combination between Pokemon Go and STEPN.

About Mirror Planet
Mirror Planet is a lifestyle GameFi designed and built to leverage blockchain, NFT, AR, Location based Service’s (LBS). You will enjoy a virtual world with a worldwide map in order to encourage players to bring real life into the game, expand actual social interaction in the virtual game, and explore the outdoors together in order to gain tokens.

Mirror Planet was the first to propose the idea of Explore to Earn. It promotes a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle through numerous social activities such as real estate transactions, green travel, gathering to combat monsters, parent-child treasure seeking, and collecting blind boxes. At the same time, we consider both gameplay and economy. Outdoor activities can provide players with virtual income while also providing actual profits due to the large circulation of NFT assets.

Role-Playing in Mirror Planet


Perform daily tasks to earn real income whilst playing the game. Help each other earn in game currency efficiently. Purchase items that interact with other players for fun.


Purchase real estate to become a landlord. Grow your wealth and manage your property portfolio for optimum returns. Receive rental income from tenants and reap the rewards of capital gains as your property portfolio soars in value.


Provide rewards for daily tasks to players. Real world merchants benefit from foot traffic as players venture out to accumulate their in-game rewards and carry out tasks in return for in-game currency.


Obtain a rare Mayor NFT to govern your city within the game. Receive land tax from tenants to grow your wealth and status whilst simultaneously earning real life in-game currency.

Mirror Planet has launched the pre-alpha version that you can try on both iOS and Android.

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About BOXTradEx
BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform for the GameFi ecosystem providing a user-friendly platform. We aim to build the web 3 GameFi portal infrastructure to enable access to NFT and open metaverse.

BOXTradEx products & services

1. NFT marketplace — a secondary marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and mint NFT, including joining whitelist, INO, and launchpad events.

2. Guild DAO tool — a tool that users can create guilds and easier to manage the scholarship program, and support NFT lending and borrowing.

3. Tournament — organizes tournaments with GameFi projects for users to join and win rewards.

4. Exchange — support bots for trading cryptocurrencies, including deposit and withdraw assets

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