GameFi partnership: Kolobok Adventures

2 min readJun 9, 2022


BOXVERSE- our NFT marketplace is expanding and is attracting many GameFi and users onboard. Today we would like to announce one of our new GameFi partners “Kolobok” a play-to-earn game that based on the blockchain.

GameFi partnership: Kolobok Adventures

Kolobok it’s an innovative P2E NFT Game based on blockchain. Every Kolobok is a unique NFT creature. Breed unique Koloboks, play adventures, win, trade, collect NFTs and interact with the community. The K2 version — Kolobok Adventures is presented exclusively on Play to earn KBUCKS and win NFT-prizes!

How to start playing Kolobok:

1. Go to or WAX Could Wallet to apply and register for a WAX account.

2. Login Kolobok with your WAX account. If you don’t have Koloboks yet, go to Simple Market and NFT HIVE to buy Koloboks.

3. Please read the Guide for more game resources. Read more Kolobok Adventures.

How to play KOLOBOK:

To celebrate our partnership, we would like to have a giveaway event!

Event content

Kolobok is going to have a giveaway event with BOXTradEx and Highlight GameHouse Guild.


When: 9 June 2022 at 13:00 PM TPE (UTC +8) — 23 June 2022 13:00 PM TPE (UTC +8)

Rewards: 5 K2 Regular Packs and 10 Kolobok NFTs.

Details: &

Step by step Givelab Guide

1. Follow BOXTradEx Twitter: (+1 point)

2. Follow KOLOBOK Twitter: (+1 point)

3. Follow KOLOBOK Telegram: (+1 point)

4. Subscribe HLGH Announcement: (+1 point)

5. Join Highlight Gamehouse Official Chat: (+1 point)

6. Join BOXTradEx Discord: (+1 point)

7. Join Kolobok Discord: (+1 point)

8. What is your BOXTradEx UID? e.g. 12522 (Make sure you have finished KYC) (+1 point)

9. Please fill your BOXVERSE WAX wallet address (+1 point)

10. Complete All of the Steps Above (+1 point)

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