GameFi partnership: Crypto Shots

I believe that no one’s ever played such a shooting game! It reminds me of childhood memories when I played these types of games with my siblings. How fun!

Now I am proud to announce that there is a shooting game called “Crypto Shots” on the WAX blockchain, and it is BOXTradEx’s partner!


Crypto Shots is a Shooter 3D game, where you can play and earn $BOOM tokens that can be traded for $WAXP. Players can blend weapon parts into weapons to use in the game, take down enemies, collect characters and skins, travel to new planets using player-owned spaceships, and challenge friends in user-owned arenas!


How to start playing Crypto Shots
First of all, you need some NFTs to start playing. Of course! And now you can buy them also on our NFT marketplace, BOXVERSE!

Download links for the BOXTradEx App:

For iOS:

For Android:

After downloading our application, you need to register and do KYC.
To start playing, you need to have these items:

1x Character

1x Base Gun

1x Base Ammo

After you purchase these assets in our App, you can transfer them to your WAX Cloud Wallet and start shooting!

TIPS on which NFTs to purchase:
— ENERGY CELLS = increase your ammo
— WEAPONS = allow you to pick them up in the game. Plus, they give you more playtime and increase your rewards based on how many you have.
— CHARACTERS = more playtime
— SHIELDS = life extension

- CONDENSERS = reward boosters

Check out Crypto Shots whitepaper for more info:

Watch our video on how to use BOXVERSE:

Join BOXTradEx X Crypto Shots giveaway to try and win the Starter Kits and start playing for free!

Just follow all missions on GiveLab to win the NFTs from Crypto Shots. You can use these NFTs to play the game. The reward will be the packs of assets from Crypto Shots. We will draw the winners and announce them on BOXtradEx’s Discord.

The total value of the prizes is over $500 USD, Total 9 prizes which are:

NO.1 XL Level 1 pack $93

NO.2 L Level 1 pack $88

NO.3 M Level 1 pack $67

NO.4 Epic Ammo X 2 units $53

NO.5 Epic Condenser X 2 units $51

NO.6 Arsenal Advanced Box $38

NO.7 Energy Shield $20

NO.8 Rare Character $12

NO.9 3D Game Starter Kit $9

Event date:
8th May 2022 at 18:00 TPE (10:00 UTC) to 14th May 2022 at 08:00 TPE (00:00 UTC)

Join the event:


The reward will be sent to the winners’ BOXVERSE wallet, please do not forget to do KYC before, if you don’t pass KYC, the transaction will be failed and you won’t receive the asset.

On 15th May 2022 at 08:00 TPE (00:00 UTC), we will have the AMA and announce the winner of the giveaway event. Please follow BOXTradEx and Crypto Shots’ social media to not miss out on our events!



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