GameFi Partner : PETARUSH

3 min readOct 19, 2022

It is my pleasure to announce that we have officially entered into a partnership with “PETARUSH”!
PetaRush is a Web3 racing game with trendy NFT animal characters.
To celebrate our partnership, we will be having a Whitelist Giveaway Detail, see below for details.


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Players have to apply different skills to defeat the opponents during the race, which takes place in a dune, lake or volcano on Mars. The game is easy to learn, players just need to click on the corresponding buttons to activate skills during the race. You can boost your speed, lower down your Peta stamina cost just in one click. However, you have to apply the skills wisely as the terrain and weather conditions may also affect your Peta running speed and stamina! Pick your Peta and run for the champion title!

The functions of the game are also very diverse, including P2E, competition, multiplayer, etc. In addition to the above functions, the game allows new users to get started quickly without losing the difficulty of competition. In the future, it will also cooperate with many WEB3 NFT communities , launched a common cooperative NFT.

Whitelist Giveaway Detail

🎁 Prize: Total 10 Whitelist opportunities

The selling NFT price of the whitelist is 0.2 BNB
Whitelist minting date on 2022/10/26~10/27
Public sale date on 2022/11/3

Where can mint Petarush NFT? Link
They also can play demo game now >>>

Go to givelab and complete all tasks for a chance to get whitelisted

Link :

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