GameFi partner “Meta Sports”

Hello everyone! Today I am excited to introduce our new GameFi partner “Meta Sports”. It is a play-to-earn project that will combine many sports and allow users to enjoy playing with their NFT characters, including the prediction system!

About Meta Sports

The sports metaverse blockchain platform allows users to enter into NFTs, DeFi & GameFi while also betting on predictions. With one NFT as an ID, users can access the entire platform. The future is here, and it’s a sports game-changer. The platform supports a wide range of sports such as football (soccer), basketball, tennis, boxing, horse racing, and e-sports.

The first game that will be launched is Meta Football. It is the first football (soccer) game created on Binance Smart Chain platform. Meta football is not only a play-to-earn, but the NFT holders will also be able to map out how their results in the game translate into real life. Users who own the Winning Team can split up any super prize pool earned by that group they have chosen!

Game Introduction

1. Training Match

The way for players to earn $MSG token. Each Player has one chance to participate in a training match per day. The reset time is 00:00 AM, which happens to be a universal time (UTC +8).

2. Club Matches

To enter the exclusive club, you must have participated in winter training. Prizes are always up for grabs when you play at the club and the ranking system is calculated by taking into account the number of players in each club, as well as their attributes. The higher you rank, the greater your rewards will be.

The current bonus pool is made up of funds from the monthly payout in $MSP tokens.

3. Asian Tournament

The Asian Invitational Tournament has a very unique format. Every week, six different teams send invitations to the world and invite top players to play for them. The first thing you need to do when facing off against an opponent is going through winter training, and at least one primary attribute must reach 100 or higher. Users can play for different teams here. Each team needs different players at different stages. While all players need to have the right skills, some positions require more specific qualities. For example, a forward may be better off with an offensive player who can score goals while another defender might do well playing alongside someone physically fit enough for defense. The team that needs you the most is your best bet for rewards!

4. UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is an exciting competition that takes place every two weeks. In order to participate in this event, users need only pick five players from their own club and pay the entry fee is $MSG. The 23 clubs that are sent by an official after being beaten will lead you toward victory against other participants!

5. World Cup

The World Cup is held once a month and each club pay for a World Cup entry ticket, which can be redeemed with $MSG, and then organizes 11 players each to compete as a team, matching teams from around the world in a random selection process, with the final 32 teams remaining to chase the ultimate World Champion.



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