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Latest Partnership Announcement!
This time, we have reached a partnership with “Gensokishi Online”, a very well-known online game in Japan. “Gensokishi Online” is an MMORPG. We will hold many events and giveaways soon, please don’t miss it!

About Gensokishi Online

“Gensokishi Online” is a gorgeous MMORPG. There are 4 basic occupations: warrior, thief, priest, and mage. With personalized cool equipment and occupation conversion, it cultivates a variety of characters, and the cute Japanese style character modeling makes People can’t put it down. The game scene of “Gensokishi Online” spans mountains, forests, deserts, underground labyrinths, ruins, etc., more than 40 vast world maps, and realistic 3D game screens, making players feel like entering the future world of exploration and adventure!


Spend the best time in the metaverse with people from all over the world.
Everyone can start the game for free, you can resell the items obtained in the game on the NFT marketplace, buy rights, sell clothing made by yourself, etc., and communicate with people all over the world.


Rare items obtained in dungeons can be sold in NFTs.
You can purchase valuable and high-value items such as “limited fashion equipment”, “special items”, and “original equipment” to communicate with adventurers in the world and conduct NFT transactions.


The only NFT made by players will develop the game world.
We plan to allow individuals and companies to manufacture and sell NFT items, as well as functions to freely edit buildings and structures in the space, objects, natural environment, placement of AI characters, placement of monsters, etc., enabling companies, manufacturers, games and The animation goes into BtoCtoC.

Tokens Gensokishi issues two types of tokens

・MV (The governance token. The MV token has UTILITY properties for configuring the metaverse.)

Standard :Polygon, ERC20
Currency name :Metaverse
Symbol name :MV
Total number of issues :2,000,000,000

The most important token of the game is MV which stands for Metaverse. MV is the currency that this game uses outside of the game, mainly to construct the metaverse. ROND can cause prices to plummet due to in-game balance, but MV is designed separately and is not affected by ROND.

Function to buy various paid items of many sizes at MV exclusive prices (these items are used to competitively advance your skills in the game)
・Voting rights that allow you to decide the policy of this game
・Function to stake MV (deposit MV and be rewarded with ROND)
・The right to participate in the preliminary public closed alpha test and closed beta test presented by the project.
・The right to create and offer cosplay equipment (UGC function) (Only for those who have staked out a certain number of MV) *Update support after service release
・The right to create lands, monsters, and NPCs at a discount
・Fees used for in-game trading

・ROND (In-game coin that constitutes the in-game economy.)

The Metaverse Coin named ROND constitutes the Metaverse Economy of this Metaverse. ROND is similar to a stable token and has the effect of earning ROND in the metaverse by exchanging it on cryptocurrency exchanges. ROND is linked to the price of cryptocurrency exchanges, the price of ROND in the metaverse will also change, and arbitrage trading will be used in weapons stores in the metaverse.

・Used to purchase Metaverse items, basic weapons and armor
・Used when joining a mode that can only participate under certain conditions
・For strengthening and forging basic equipment
・Use when twisting between MAPs to shorten the time
・Entrance fee for participating in events
・Entrance fee for playing UGC maps
・Challenge fee for accepting quests

Various types of NFTs

Cosplay equipment NFT

Besides dressing up the appearance, you can improve the status, unlock special skills, etc. It is the most important NFT in this project.

Basic equipment NFT

Equipment that makes the character’s abilities stronger with NFT obtained in the game. All basic equipment has a maximum number of available quantities, and some rare equipment will be far more valuable. NFT of in-game items There are various items available in the game, such as potions that restore physical strength and items that boost stats for some time. All of these also have a mechanism in which the maximum number of items provided is set and distribution occurs even for the in-game items themselves.


It is a future update function. This is an important function of “META WORLD”, which is also the subtitle of this game. You can purchase “LAND NFT” to create your original map, which is unique in the world. Those who have purchased a LAND NFT can create maps and monsters using MODs (modification). You can also design all monster drop items and monster strengths, the drop item will be assigned an NFT owned by the owner of the LAND. Allocate NFT items obtained from the NFT market and in gameplay, also manage your own NFT inventory, in the meantime. It will be a mechanism that you can earn new profits by getting an admission fee from the player who enters the map

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