Game Guild Partnership: Djinn Guild

BOXTradEx is glad to announce a partnership with Djinn guild, a guild partner from Vietnam. BOXTradEx team welcomes Djinn onboard as another valuable partner in an attempt to become a more strong gamefi community.

About Djinn Guild

Djinn Guild is a gaming community that brings gamers together — as brothers and sisters — to nurture talents, earn, and enjoy the fun of gaming.

With a great passion, a visionary mindset, and a profound understanding of Symbology, Djinn’s Guild Master has inspired the creation of the guild’s logo. What makes the image meaningful and unique is the story behind it. Each and every detail of the logo possesses a moral lesson. Those details, no matter how easily visible they are or vice versa, hold meaningful messages that represent the mission, vision, and core values of Djinn Guild.

The Djinn are shape-shifting spirits that were born from fire and air. Some of them possess supernatural powers, making mortals worship them as gods. The Djinn, along with his magical lamp, represents that Djinn Guild is a place where wishes come true, where desires are satisfied, and goals are met.

But this Djinn is a wise and fair spirit, a personification of justice based on his physical characteristics: First of all, the ponytail on the top of his head symbolizes maturity, which reminds us to become responsible for our actions; to manage our temper, anger, and emotional outbursts properly. His senses also embody valuable messages that one shall carry throughout his journey at Djinn Guild. The eyes without pupils represent impartiality so that members will always look for the truth, to stay factual and unbiased no matter wealth, power, or status. Thus, under no circumstances will anyone come across as having blind eyes. Then, the golden earrings are an embodiment of becoming all ears, showing the importance of thorough listening and understanding of any situation.

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About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a GameFi Meta-ecosystem NFT marketplace to bridge the gamers, game studios, and eSports/Guild into GameFi wonderland. We are also a cryptocurrency exchange, providing such as spot trading, automated trading tools, and fiat-to-crypto service. We aim to build a crypto platform with a forward-looking concept to provide entry-level products and services for everyone based on security and legal compliance. On the BOXVERSE marketplace, over 100,000 NFTs from over 20+ game collections are currently available!!

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Crypto-Exchange with in-built trading bots. Multi-Liquidity Pool Connections, High Security, Build for Trader.