BOXTradEx X Evermore Knights Tournaments: GingerBread Hunt!

3 min readDec 20, 2022

Evermore Knights Soft Launching is here!

Players can collect Gingerbread by winning battles in Adventure Mode in Evermore Knights and redeeming it for exclusive rewards!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, this is the perfect opportunity to dive in and start collecting Gingerbreads to trade for amazing rewards and boosters!

Period : Now — 11th January 2023

Total Rewards:

GB*: Ginger Bread

How to Participate:

1. Download Evermore Knights on Google Play

2. Sign up BOXTradEx ( APP , Website)

3. Open Wallet Connect and paste the address into BOXTradEx to obtain account name

Tutorial Connect with: Web | APP

4. Fill this form:

5. Start Hunting for Gingerbread!

Who is eligible to participate ?
Restricted only through a guild or BOXTradEx users.
Users or guilds must fill the form in order to participate in the event.

Join BOXTradEx Discord for joining the event:

▶ Evermore Knights Social Media

Website | Download Google Play | Telegram | Discord | Whitepaper

▶ BOXTradEx Social Media

Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Youtube | Website | Download iOS | Download Android | NFT Marketplace


1. Where can I download the game?

User can download the game in Google Play Android

2. How to sign up for the game?

There are two ways new user to sign up:

● Sign up with CreoPlay

Users can register on this website: and connect with BOXTradEx wallet to obtain a username account.

Please follow this tutorial: Web | APP

● Sign up with Email

3. Where can I find Gingerbread?

You will find gingerbread in the game. Gingerbread will appear randomly during the battle. Start to collect it!

4. Is it free to play or must own NFT to start to play?

It’s free to play. All users are welcomed to play.

5. Where will be the rewards distributed?

USD rewards will be distributed through BOXTradEx

Gingerbread rewards, users can directly exchange in game from “event” menu

6. How can I earn in this game?

Users can start to collect evergem in game. After grand launching (scheduled Q1 2023), evergem is tradable into CREO. Stay tuned for the official announcement!




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