BOXTradEx Research: An Overview of Racing Punks

Good news is coming! BOXTradEx will collaborate with Racing Punks to hold the FREE minting! Yes it is a FREE NFT Car for all users! But before FREE Minting date, let’s go through deeper of Racing Punk.


3D MMOG NFT Game that uses the WIN2EARN GameFi model on ETH with total of 30,000 NFTs. Allows thousands of players to simultaneously play online in REAL-TIME.


Home of blockchain games that connects the world’s biggest NFT projects with the world’s most passionate gamers


What Makes Racing Punks Unique

Racing Punk will be the first Gamefi Multiverse platform that will create a series of DAO led NFT based Play and Earn racing titles with the following blockchain-first features:

- Interoperable yield generating NFTs

Racing Punks NFT car racer will be interoperable across all Racing Punk racing titles, starting with the first title: Racing Punks: Genesis

- Interoperable Multi-token Ecosystem

FUEL is the interoperable in-game ERC-20 utility token for all Racing Punk titles. DAO is the interoperable governance token for all Racing Punk and NFTKLUB titles, giving owners voting and decision making rights in all games produced under the NFTKLUB umbrella.

- Live racing

First blockchain racing game pitting your driving skills against the best racers in the world, in real time

Game Mode

Racing Punks will have 5 game modes providing an array of ways for users to win and earn. Practice, QuickRace, Showdown, Championship, Simulated Racing.

Token Breakdown

Racing Punks is created to connect NFT holders, crypto gamers, and mobile gamers to the possibilities of blockchain gaming. Racing Punks will support Genesis & all gaming titles produced by Racing Punks will use a multitoken system: $FUEL, $KLUB & FUEL-X.

Yield Matrix-NFT Staking

Yield Matrix — Gameplay

Game Rewards


🕹About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform for GameFi, game players, and guilds, providing the Gamefi portal for web3. We support NFT API service, crypto exchange, NFT marketplace, wallet, and Guild DAO tool.

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