BOXTradEx Research: An In-depth overview of Area53

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Area53 to onboard more players to the world of Tournament-to-Earn gaming.

Area 53 is a virtual gaming metaverse set in a multiverse fantasy universe, where you can play games for system rewards, engage in the rights to buy, purchase & trade NFT products, and it is deployed in Binance Smart Chain.

Area53 is going to have ICO/INO in BOXTradEx soon.

Key Metrics:

Token name: Area53

Ticker: A53

Chain : Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Listing Price: 0.025$

Initial Market Cap: 375.000$

Initial Circulating Supply: 15,000,000



Area 53 is a virtual gaming metaverse set in a multiverse fantasy universe, where you can play games for system rewards, engage in the rights to buy, purchase & trade NFT products.Area53 Studio provides structures; in fact, these structures are referred to as game templates.

The distant universes have always captivated our interest and inspired our desire to explore and conquer. Today, technological advances enable us to dig further into the universe, learn about space and time, and discover our origins. However, the information contained in books and newspapers still falls short of satisfying our desire to want to learn about others.

As a result, Area 53 carries out the aspirations of thousands of tiny people on this beloved planet Earth. Especially those that are passionate about Space Science.

Area 53 is a virtual gaming metaverse set in a multiverse fantasy universe, where you can play games for system rewards, engage in the rights to buy, purchase & trade NFT products.

Area53 has a strong base from traditional games. Before, their traditional game studio has game 10M+ million download can refer here:

What makes this Area 53 project unique?

Area 53’s use of Unreal Engine 5 transports you to a new world, generating high-quality in-game visuals. Assisting people in having the best possible experience with visuals and space in a true sense

Additionally, Area 53 incorporates virtual reality technology to create Spaceverse, a private place. Area 53 members can own land, build residences, purchase spaceships, and travel.

In particular, Area 53 allows users to participate in free-to-earn activities, allowing gamers to quickly enjoy the right to purchase spaceships, ore mining cards, and more, as well as trade on the Marketplace for profit.

Also, Area 53 promotes each user’s ownership and personalization of our game. Area 53 enables users to freely manufacture things, allowing them to change the Spaceship’s preset attributes in the game. Users have the right to control all of their digital assets in the Area 53 SpaceVerse, including their purchase, sale, and retention.


Area 53 is a pioneer in creating a virtual reality game environment that is a mirror copy of the actual world; we believe this will be a massive industry as a delicious “piece of cake.” It is enormous and has significant future growth potential.


Establish a Metaverse-based ecosystem for game marketing. Area53 provides significant value to consumers and serves as a development platform for numerous brands, building a close relationship between users and brands.


The primary purpose of Game NFTs is to serve some function in a game environment. It may consist of playable characters, weapons, items, or land.

Play-to-earn games are among the most promising developments from the NFT game space, and Axie Infinity leads the way. Axie’s already done $2 billion in volume, most of it coming in just the last few months, even more impressive.

Axie has more owners than any other NFT at over 1.8 million. The next closest is Top Shot, with over 560,000. Regardless of what happens to either product, both have been great on-ramp for new NFT buyers.

Core NFT gaming will total $2.7 billion in volume in 2021, about 13% of total NFT volume.



PVE — Defeat monsters to mine:

However, because spacecraft have a finite amount of energy, players must own many of them if they wish to enhance their game’s revenue.

PVP — Fight in space for the opportunity to steal energy mines:

Additionally, by engaging in limitless PVP for the day, the user accumulates energy and experience, enhancing the spaceship’s value.


We have three primary stages for gamers to generate revenue through Area53:

● Purchase NFTs

● Earn rewards by playing games.


Area53 is empowered by the BSC network. Although newly developed in 2020, BSC is a ground-breaking smart contract platform that users in the next generation of blockchains, with minimal transaction fees and the capacity to perform thousands of transactions per second as standard.





Farming (A53-BUSD pool): Earn A53 Token
+ Staking A53: Earn NFT right to purchase Items/Lands
+ Staking NFT: Earn A53 Token
+ Trading: Trading token on Exchanges and trading NFTs, Items, Lands on Marketplace




A53 Token: Items/ Land

Profit from NFTs sale

A53’s token burn mechanism is governed by an active burn schedule, but it is also influenced indirectly by game actions:

When the user updates the NFTs -> the old NFTs are burned and replaced with new NFTs.

When users create NFTs using Quantum 53, the old NFTs are burned and replaced with new NFTs.


General information

Mr Tran Huu Tuan — Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tuan is the Founder and the CEO of Area53 Network. During his 12 years as a senior developer, Tuan worked for giant tech companies and also found multiple successful ventures. He is proficient in different programming languages and has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several startups. Tuan also worked in e-commerce for three years before making his initial foray into blockchain in 2017, and he has been fascinated with the technology ever since.

Mr Duong Viet Cuong — Founder & Chief Technical Officer

The Founder and the CTO of Area53 Network Cuong has 10+ years of experience in Information Technology and is the Chief Executive Officer at Newsoft Viet Nam Technology. He has positioned himself as the expert in IoT (Internet-of-Things), Fintech technology, and Blockchain throughout the years. Cuong also won the 2008 WIP0 World Awards for Software Engineers and the 1st prize of Vifotech Vietnam 2008.

Project Manager
Nguyen Thanh Tu — Project Manager

Our project manager, Tu, was one of the first founding members of Area 53. Tu is a Software Engineer and has over 10 years of experience in project management for different e-commerce, social networking, and game projects. He also helped build an artificial intelligence solution for an intelligent transportation system.


2. Partners and Backers


Follow AREA53 on social media:

Telegram | Twitter | Youtube


BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform providing a user-friendly platform. Our mission is to enable access to NFTs and the open metaverse while lowering the barriers to digital assets and crypto investment.

A-mobile based platform for trading cryptocurrencies. We provide in-app trading bots that allow users to use them for free. Currently, we support over 20 currencies on the trading system.

For the new users, when you register and complete KYC, you will receive 30 USDT trial funds, and when you enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will receive 10 USDT more. These trial funds can be used with our trading bots. The profit from trading with trial funds could be transferred to your personal asset.

2. NFT marketplace

Our NFT marketplace under the name “BOXVERSE” is a secondary market for trading NFTs. We focus on gaming industries, gamers, and guilds. Currently, there are over 100,000 NFTs from over 20 collections available on our marketplace. The more you trade, the more you earn our BOXT tokens!

We also have many GameFi partners’ communities on the marketplace where users can see the game introduction, videos, tweets, game assets, etc. before starting to try the new games.

Moreover, we support purchasing NFT with credit cards and also support multiple currencies, allowing users to buy and sell NFTs with over20 currencies. For example, you want to sell a game asset from the WAX chain, but you can decide to sell with ETH and receive ETH back.

BOXVERSE supports WAX, Solana, PlatOn, BNB, Avalanche, and Polygon chains. Users can buy, sell, mint, and auction on our platform.

3. $BOXT token

BOXTradEx has officially launched the BOXT token on ERC-20. The total supply is 500 million tokens. The benefits of BOXT owners are:

- Staking BOXT tokens can redeem the rewards from our partners

- Staking BOXT tokens for reducing the fees when trading on BOXTradEx exchange

- BOXT holders will receive the news, new NFT collection launching, etc. before the public announcement, including the initial game offerings (IGO) launching.

You can now earn our BOXT tokens when:

- Join BOXTradEx airdrop/giveaway events

- Trading on our NFT marketplace (BOXVERSE) — Will receive 5 BOXT for every $30 trading value. Trade more, earn more!

In the near future, BOXT token will be available for public sales and will be able to trade on our exchange platform

How to start with BOXTradEx

Follow our social media to catch up with the latest news from BOXTradEx and Area53!!

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