BOXTradEx October 2022|Monthly Recap

Dear users, although cryptocurrency has experienced many major events this month, we hope that users are well. And we are also starting to prepare for various guild tournaments. All users can come to BOXTradEx to create guilds and sign up for free Guild tournament, win USDT, NFT and GameFi Token, play games with BOXTradEx to make money and survive this bear market!

Key Takeaways From Last Month and Future

Game masters from all walks of life are welcome to join any guild on the BOXTradEx platform and sign up for challenges.

  • BOXTradEx has cooperated with well-known art galleries “Moola” in Taiwan-Tainan to launch unique NFTs of six artists, which can be obtained by visiting and completing simple tasks.
<< Spurt 先知乍現 >>

<< Spurt 先知乍現 >>

遙遠之物的獨一顯現, 雖遠, 猶如近在眼前
水谷馬司 Mizutani Atsushi
夏愛華 Ai-Hua Hsia
毛毛 Mao Mao Lash
許唐瑋 Tang-Wei Hsu
黃建樺 Chien-Hua Huang
蔡宜儒 Yi-Ju Tsai
展覽日期 2022.11.05–2023.01.02
展覽地點 The Moolah Multi-art space limited company

NFT ICON of six artists
  • Buddy Beater INO will be held at BOXTradEx soon
    All kinds of Giveaways and whitelist qualifications, please don’t miss it

BOXTradEx’s guild tool is officially launched. Users can create guilds and invite friends to join them. They can participate in various GameFi tournaments or Esports for free through BOXTradEx. Don’t miss the opportunity to win championship glory and bonuses!

The guild tools include guilds, renting NFT, and automatic profit sharing. Welcome to GITBOOK to view our complete tutorial.

Detail of Updates

Guild Tools is a major update that our team has been working on for several months. We not only want to gather more blockchain enthusiasts who are interested in games through guild tools, but also hope to expand the entire GameFi market to make the ecology develop better. Through various events and e-sports, the blockchain metaverse will gain momentum.
Also through guild leasing, more players can enter the GameFi world with a lower threshold !


  • Guild Management launch
  • Guild rental function launch
  • Guild & Rental Function
  • ICO function launch
  • UI screen optimization
  • website optimization
  • Experience gold interface optimization and minor bug fixes
  • NFT attributes can be edited
  • Password format support%
  • Other minor bug fixes


Due to the newly added guild system, the community will open to apply for the guild support plan. As long as the review is passed, BOXTradEx will send USDT rewards according to the contribution of the guild. All major guilds and KOLs are welcome to come to BOXTradEx to apply for this plan, and grow the ecology of GameFi together !
Every month, BOXTradEx will host GameFi tournaments, and guilds on the platform are eligible to participate for free. The rewards include USDT/NFT/GameFi Token.
Welcome to contact the BOXTradEx administrator directly on discord or other social media for consultation.

  • GameFi Partnership: War Legends

War Legends is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed on top of blockchain technology that functions as its metaverse and has non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside Play-to-Earn (P2E) elements.

  • GameFi Partnership: Gensokishi Online

“Gensokishi Online” is a gorgeous MMORPG. There are 4 basic occupations: warrior, thief, priest, and mage. With personalized cool equipment and occupation conversion, it cultivates a variety of characters, and the cute Japanese style character modeling makes People can’t put it down. The game scene of “Gensokishi Online” spans mountains, forests, deserts, underground labyrinths, ruins, etc., more than 40 vast world maps, and realistic 3D game screens, making players feel like entering the future world of exploration and adventure!

  • GameFi Partner : PETARUSH

PetaRush is a Web3 racing game with trendy NFT animal characters.
Players have to apply different skills to defeat the opponents during the race, which takes place in a dune, lake or volcano on Mars. The game is easy to learn, players just need to click on the corresponding buttons to activate skills during the race. You can boost your speed, lower down your Peta stamina cost just in one click. However, you have to apply the skills wisely as the terrain and weather conditions may also affect your Peta running speed and stamina! Pick your Peta and run for the champion title!

  • GameFi Partner: Yuliverse

Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaverse that is parallel to the real world and brings you a new lifestyle, meanwhile, it is also a game-based social application. Yuliverse currently has thousands of fantastic and exciting storylines. Under role-playing, players can obtain $ARG and $ART by accomplishing these quests. Yuliverse’s economy is an economy owned by all players, and players can actually own, buy, sell, and trade items they earn in-game by playing and contributing to the economy.

  • Gamefi Partnership: Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain’s gameplay contains synergy between adventure and arena battles. In the adventures, players roam the fast world of Eizper guided by an enticing epic story full of twist and turn. While in arena battles, players may compete against each other in battle events in hope of getting handsome rewards and recognition.

  • Partnership: DTC Group Channel

DTC Group is one of the largest and most ambitious marketing agencies which provides one-stop-service marketing for Crypto & NFT projects.

  • Gaming Community Partnership: Fomoin

Your gateway to the latest crypto opportunities.

  • Guild Partnership: Bach Nghien Gamehub

Bach Nghien Gamehub is known as one of the large Game Guild communities, specializing in gameplays research, development and community management. Support the community to get access to high prestige projects. With the mission to bring a new, more authentic view of the games built on the blockchain platform for the Vietnamese crypto community in particular and the crypto community in general. Along with that is the effort to create an ideal environment to play to earn money for the community, helping “gamers” catch up with new trends of GameFi

  • Guild Partnership: Margarine Guild

Margarine Guild is a gaming guild community that aims to advance cryptocurrency understanding by boosting the quality of investors and players through continuous growth. They’re keen to join the tournaments and invest in projects.

About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform for GameFi, game players, and guilds, providing the Gamefi portal for web3. We support NFT API service, crypto exchange, NFT marketplace, wallet, and Guild DAO tool.

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