BOXTradEx JUNE 2022|Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways From Last Month

  • Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and Platon block chain is officially launched on BOXVERSE.
    BOXVERSE can mint, buy, and sell NFTs on the BSC/Platon.
    Our goal is to build a multi-chain NFT marketplace and build a one-stop crypto platform, BSC/Platon is our third/fourth supported blockchain after WAX and Solana.
  • Our Launchpad function is about to start, currently supports blind box, public sale, white list.
    We are also collaborating with INO on an innovative project, expected on July 20th.
  • The long-awaited BOXVERSE WEB version is officially launched, and users can buy, sell, and exchange NFTs directly through the browser.(At present, some functions of the web version have not been implemented, and will be updated in August.)
  • We are happy to announce that our current NFT trading platform “BOXVERSE” supports the direct purchase of NFTs with credit cards, without the need for cumbersome transfer CRYPTO TOKEN procedures, just a credit card can easily buy the precious NFTs you want to collect and own.
  • Partnerships with PlatON Network.We will support the PlatON ecosystem and maintain close cooperation with various PlatON communities to achieve a win-win situation.

Detail of Updates


  • APP_Login can use What’s APP SMS authentication (the mobile phone number must be verified first)
  • APP BSC NFT Support
  • APP PLATON NFT Support
  • APP_Credit card purchase NFT function
  • APP_debit card added pin code/process optimization
  • APP_Android & Apple APP download preview image replacement
  • APP_creditor’s rights function optimization (About to start)
  • APP_BOXVERSE Launchpad(whitelist) function
  • APP_Unable to bind the phone
  • WEB_The first version is online (basically remove, purchase, browse functions)


  • BOXT Thanks for Early User Rewards
    The early bird airdrop reward has been completed, thanks to all the loyal supporters of BOXTradEx.We will continue to develop the ecosystem to bring a better experience to users.



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