BOXTradEx JULY 2022|Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways From Last Month

  • NFT market(BOXVERSE) officially supports Avalanche. We will have closer cooperation with Avalanche and will jointly hold events, please stay tuned.
  • Community display function. Guilds, GameFi, and Creators will now display your works, community links, and videos on BOXVERSE.
  • NFT Marketplace officially supports Polygon this month.

Detail of Updates


  • Users can choose to delete the account
  • Mint page layout style optimization
  • AVAX/POLYGON NFT support
  • Description External link can lead directly
  • Security verification is now possible with What’s APP "Tutorial"
  • BOXVERSE_Address_Add warning
  • Fixed NFT image cannot be displayed (svg image)
  • Added community function
  • Some minor bug fixes and function optimizations
  • Enable Debt/Term Deposit Feature


  • LaunchPad first INO



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