BOXTradEx FORWARD November 2021|Monthly Recap

4 min readDec 7, 2021


Key Takeaways From Last Month

  1. BOXTradEx APPs including supportive features, filtering and account security improvement, to provide better trading experience. More than that, BOXTradEx renew the rules of earn 20% to 30% commission rebate by lowering the requirements of qualified user.
  2. BOXTradEx operate USDT Trading Bonus system and support to provides much benefits to users, furthermore, users can learn and experience how Grid Trading works by either using Trading Bonus or participate our events.
  3. BOXTradEx become HBAR, native token of Hedera Hashgraph, trading service provider which reveal on official website of Hedera. We will keep support and providing benefits to HBAR investors.

Detail of Updates


  • Adding filter function on Trade page, user can check trading orders more clearly by filtering the trading pair or trading bot.
  • Account setting iteration, we improve security setting by providing Google Two-factor authentication (2FA), also upgrade the referral page.
  • Update the rules of referral program, we maintain the mechanism of referral terms but lowering trading hurdles to be defined as a qualified user.
  • New coin listing — DYDX, GALA and AXS are available to deposit, withdrawal, support bot trading and manual trading.
  • Fix other minor problems and UI re-position.


  • Trading Bonus Competition Announcement & Recap — For giving additional incentives to all users on BOXTradEx, we hosted Grid Trading performance and creation competition which users can utilize USDT trading bonus to win more USDT funds!! Congrats to all winners, in addition, we shared some news of BOXTradEx and prospective of GALA, DOT and HBAR.
  • Hello Future!! BOXTradEx built strong connections with HBAR leading community, ĦelloFutureBuzz, and we are constructing new plans for HBARbarians. Stay tuned!
  • New referral rules released — Inviter can earn trading fee rebate, 20% or 30%, by guiding friends, the invitees, to use trading bots in right manner. If invitees reach 100 USDT trading volume of trading bots then it will become a qualified user that could bring benefits to you!


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