BOXTradEx EMERGE July 2021|Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways From Last Month

  1. New version of BOXTradEx APP is in iOS & Android Market now! Users can invite friends to earn up to 30% commission, also more trading pairs can use to create bots.
  2. We started BOXTradEx series campaign, such as AMA and USDT Giveaway, crypto-investors can still participate Olympic Giveaway until 12 PM UTC TIME (GMT+0) August 8.
  3. BOXTradEx announced strategic partnership with BOCT, a financial service firm in Malaysia, for providing fiat-crypto transaction services and channel to users.

Detail of Updates


  • Redesign and integrate new functions in users' page — "Me" Page.
  • Redesign BOXTradEx "Asset" Page, include total asset chart.
  • Adjust and optimize the interface of market K-Chart.
  • Add Introduction Page in the beginning when first download APP.
Intro Page
  • Add Referral function in "Me" Page, user can invite friends to earn rebates.
Referral Program
  • Add NFT System in "Me" Page, include special code program and NFT showroom.


  • BOXTradEx SPECIAL INNOVATOR PROGRAM, we constructed first-ever virtual identity system in crypto-exchange, scaling more possibilities to users' experiences.
  • AMA with IM Community — Be an Automated Winner in Crypto-Market, we started AMA serial-campaigns in order to introduce the mission and solution provided by BOXTradEx.
  • BOXTradEx Official Media is launched, users and investors can follow our news and get in touch with BOXTradEx by Twitter and Telegram.
  • Telegram bot of BOXTradEx is now available to users, you can enter /box in Telegram group for command instruction.
  • Olympic X Crypto Carnival giveaway, for supporting athletics and the spirit of Olympic, we run 10 days Olympic sharing USDT giveaway for crypto-investors and Olympic fans.
Olympic Giveaway Campaign

For celebrating this remarkable Olympic game which is impacted by COIVD-19, we decided to hold crypto giveaway to remember what we been through, and also we believe what Olympic brings to humanity is as important as what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies may have.

Rules to Win USDT


  • BOXTradEx and BOCT signed strategic partnership to launch gateway access to digital assets broker in Asean Market, this partnership has the potential to create nice value-added advantages to BOXTradEx users, particularly with the choice for fiat-to-cryptocurrency transaction settlement topic to charges. Moreover, we established channels which allows crypto-users in Southeast Asia, like Vietnam and Indonesia, to deposit fiat from their checking account in return for digital assets, corresponding to BOCT, BTC, ETH and USDT, etc.

News 👉

  • BOXTradEx and Circle build partnership to strengthen asset security level and integrate support for USDC, users' assets will store in off-line wallet separately and protected by legitimate leading custodian, also covering up-to $150M insurance.


  • BOXTradEx participated in workshop series hosted by TTA (Taiwan Tech Arena) and 500 Startups, we continuously developing a global mindset, as well as build a solid business alliance to enhance abilities to provide great products and services in our ecosystem.
  • BOXTradEx build connections with BlackStorm Consulting and IAPS for scheduling entry-market plan and business collaboration.

Growth Rate

Growth Data of BOXTradEx

Join the Innovation Wave

Since Satoshi first mined Bitcoin’s genesis block in 2009, crypto has changing the behavior and thinking model of humanity used to be, and the business world is evolved dramatically to new paradigm. BOXTradEx team embrace this evolution and commit toward making achievement within it. Now, we’re looking for talented, inspiring people who are passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. If you’re interested in joining BOXTradEx, click the link below to contact us for building connections.


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