BOXER Thanks for Early User Rewards

BOXER is a symbol of identity on the BOXTradEx platform. With BOXER, you will enjoy many benefits of BOXTradEx, such as: Get the latest Gamefi whitelist qualification, participate in Gamefi internal testing, and get Gamefi trial NFT for free.

This BOXER sale can only be purchased with BOXT. Users who have not received the early bird airdrop of BOXT can get free BOXT rewards by trading NFTs worth more than 30USD. The quota is limited to only 30. After purchasing, please go to the discord to find the administrator to get the BOXER role.

These NFTs will have different forms waiting for users to discover.

The detailed rules :
Start and end time 7/21 17:00~ 7/25 17:00

Buy It Now

Phase 1
Price : 15 boxt
Amount : 5
Time : 7/21 17:00~ 7/22 17:00

Phase 2
Price : 20 boxt
Amount : 10
Time : 7/22 17:00~ 7/23 17:00

Phase 3
Price : 50 boxt
Amount : 15
Time : 7/23 17:00~ 7/25 17:00

After purchasing, please go to Discord to find the admin to get the role.

Buy It Now


How to use Launchpad(whitelist)buy NFT in APP BOXVERSE

Erms and Conditions

  • Participant will be disqualified, i.e. losing all the benefits and privileges if violates the official policy and rules, detriment users benefits and experiences, or any behavior and speech that may damage image, reputation, interest of BOXTradEx.
  • BOXTradEx officially reserves the rights to change policy and rules of the competition, or even terminate the competition, the final interpretation also contains.



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