Announcement for BOXTradEx Day Event!

Join To Win $22,000 WAXP ≈ 6,600 USD!

The purpose of BOXTradEx’s day is to welcome all users to come and enjoy trading in BOXTradEx.

The rule is simple. The more users join our event, the bigger prize pool will be!!

Event starts from 18th April to 17th May 2022


Starting from 18th April to 17th May, users need to complete some missions to receive airdrop token. The more KYC users join, the bigger sharing pool is. If there are over 6,400 KYC users join the event, they can win a huge prize total of 22,000 WAXP ≈ 6,600 USD!

The requirements to participate as follows:

1. Registered BOXTradEx app and completed KYC.

2. Invited 2 friends to do KYC.

3. Joined our Discord to update latest information about our event

4. Voted for your favorite coins in Twitter and follow our Twitter.

5. Finished all missions

After finishing all missions, you will get free token. The token will be WAXP, which can be used as gas fee in our Ecosystem, no matter is Exchange or NFT marketplace BOXVERSE.

What else are you waiting for?
Let’s join BOXTradEx community and enjoy trading right away!

BOXTradEx has total biggest reward of 22,000 WAXP, which is equal to 6,600 USD if there are more than 6,400 KYC users joining this event !

The sharing pool ranges from 150 WAXP to 22000 WAXP, depending on how many users join events!

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About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a one-stop crypto platform to bridging real world to a crypto wonderland, mainly support all of the crypto asset trading services in the platform, such as spot trading, automated trading tools, fiat-to-crypto service and NFT marketplace. We aim to build a crypto-platform not just with forward-looking concept to providing entry-level products and services for everyone, also firstly based on security and legal compliance.

Terms and conditions:

  • Event is valid for users who have passed KYC only
  • Participant will be disqualified, i.e. losing all the benefits and privileges if violates the official policy and rules, detriment users benefits and experiences, or any behavior and speech that may damage image, reputation, interest of BOXTradEx.
  • BOXTradEx officially reserves the rights to change policy and rules of the competition, or even terminate the competition, the final interpretation also contains.



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