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BOXTradEx’ s Vision

Key Takeaways From Last Month

  1. Iteration of platform infrastructure, BOXTradEx enhance the user experiences and UI of registration, KYC, market, deposit and withdraw page. Develop trading bonus function for Grid Trading bot which can be used by trading bonus, user can get at least 20 USDT by KYC.
  2. Organize media matrix of BOXTradEx, we build Youtube tutorials of Grid Trading and the guidance to entrance crypto-world, also host online seminars with topic focus on the background of cryptocurrency and BOXTradEx.
  3. BOXTradEx build several local partnerships by BOXADOR Program, we reach preliminary milestone in Vietnam, India, Indonesia with local talents to continuously establish awareness and promotion.

Detail of Updates


Key Takeaways From Last Month

  1. New version of BOXTradEx APP is in iOS & Android Market now! Users can invite friends to earn up to 30% commission, also more trading pairs can use to create bots.
  2. We started BOXTradEx series campaign, such as AMA and USDT Giveaway, crypto-investors can still participate Olympic Giveaway until 12 PM UTC TIME (GMT+0) August 8.
  3. BOXTradEx announced strategic partnership with BOCT, a financial service firm in Malaysia, for providing fiat-crypto transaction services and channel to users.

Detail of Updates


  • Redesign and integrate new functions in users' page — "Me" Page.
  • Redesign BOXTradEx "Asset" Page, include total asset chart.
  • Adjust and optimize the…

Our mission is to free the barriers of exchanging currencies so that everyone can easily achieve financial freedom and democratisation of wealth.

Key Features

  • BOXTradEx is a crypto-exchange with in-built trading bots. Free, independent and versatile with automatic mechanisms that empower multiple investment strategies for trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Start with asset security and stability of the trading system, BOXTradEx was constructed by following high-level compliance procedures…

Step 1: Understand the Mechanism

Most of Grid Trading strategy is intended to profits in bullish swing trade. Grid Trading bot creates orders proportionally in the basis of buy low and sell high, as long as market price within the price range you set. …

Why should you use Grid Trading Bots?

Grid Trading strategy is simple, easy to use, and time-saving. Not only is grid bot a cost-effective strategy but also a best solution to critical problems that investors experienced.


Crypto-Exchange with in-built trading bots. Multi-Liquidity Pool Connections, High Security, Build for Trader.

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